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  • European blastomycosis

    Blastomycosis is an infectious disease characterized by fever, chills, headaches, chest pain, weight loss, night sweats, cough, and/or difficulty breathing (dyspnea). Some affected individuals do not experience these symptoms although they are actively infected (asymptomatic). Muscle and joint pain may occur during the acute stage which typically lasts less than three weeks. The disease may resolve on its own or persist into the chronic form o  Read More

  • Liver disease

    Liver disease is also called chronic liver disease. It is a progressive crippling of liver functions that include synthesis of clotting factors, detoxification of harmful metabolites and various drugs, and excretion of bile.Treatment/managementTreatment is aimed at the correction of underlying causes, portal hypertension management, and specific treatment based on individual disease.Ascites: So  Read More