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  • Cytomegalic inclusion disease

    Cytomegalic inclusion body disease (CIBD), also known as cytomegalic inclusion disease (CID), is a series of signs and symptoms caused by cytomegalovirus infection, toxoplasmosis or other rare infections such as herpes or rubella viruses.It can produce massive calcification of the central nervous system and often the kidneys.Cytomegalic inclusion body disease is the most common cause of congenital abnormal  Read More

  • Succinylpurinemic autism

    Succinylpurinemic autism can be treated through epilepsy control with anticonvulsive medications. In addition, the following choices are available:Administration of D-ribose and Uridine: Only a few notifications of therapeutic considerations and attempts exist. Only two of them had some positive benefits (D-ribose and uridine administration). D-ribose injection has been used in a few ADSL patients to enhance the su  Read More