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  • Sacral regression

    Your child’s symptoms will depend on the type of caudal regression syndrome that’s diagnosed. Mild cases may not cause any noticeable changes in your child’s appearance. But in severe cases, your child may have visible differences in the leg and hip area. For example, their legs may be permanently bent in a “frog-like” stance. Other visible characteristics may include: spine curving  Read More

  • Spinal ataxia, hereditofamilial

    Heredofamilial Spinal Ataxia are progressive neurological autosomal dominant illnesses that exhibit clinical and genetic heterogeneity. Although the age of beginning for Spinal Ataxia, heredofamilial varies widely, it typically occurs between the third and fifth decade of life.Cure or Medication for Spinal Ataxia, heredofamilialSpinal Ataxia, heredofamilial does not have a specific treatment.In  Read More