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  • European blastomycosis

    Cryptococcosis is caused by a fungus known as Cryptococcosis neoformans. The infection may be spread to humans through contact with pigeon droppings or unwashed raw fruit. Contact with an infected individual may also spread the infection. Individuals with disorders characterized by lowered immunity (for instance, HIV infection) are at high risk for contracting these infections.Cryptococcosis may appear in various forms depending on  Read More

  • Spinal headaches

    Spinal headache symptoms include: Dull, throbbing pain that varies in intensity from mild to incapacitating Pain that typically gets worse when you sit up or stand and decreases or goes away when you lie down Spinal headaches are often accompanied by: Dizziness Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) Hearing loss Blurred or double vision Nausea Nec  Read More

  • Uveitis

    The signs, symptoms and characteristics of uveitis include: Eye redness Eye pain Light sensitivity Blurred vision Dark, floating spots in your field of vision (floaters) Decreased vision Symptoms may occur suddenly and get worse quickly, though in some cases, they develop gradually. They may affect one or both eyes. The uvea is the middle layer of tissue i  Read More